Xiaomi Mobile passes 90 million this year

Xiaomi is set to record a new record this year. Xiaomi, which has been the market leader for more than 2016, is hoping to obtain 90 million devices this year. And they’ve sold more than that already. In 2016, Xiaomi’s sales dropped a bit, but they were able to hold it in 2017 at a margin of 70 million.

The launch of the sale was the launch of Xiaomi Redmi 5A, a smartphone launcher for their entry-level smartphones. Like the smartphone smartphone that came to many pockets for $ 90, Xiaomi’s high-end Flagship Smartphones is still selling well. Last September, they sold only 10 million smartphones. Xiaomi has transformed into a smartphone company with two-tier sales in China in one month. Huawei won the number one in the Chinese smartphone market of the report, while the second place went to Xiaomi and won the other two Oppo and Vivo.

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