What is https, SSL?

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Every day, everywhere in the world reports about stolen information stolen from the Internet. Some of these are known for publishing social media or news websites, but most of them are of the same kind, because it does not reveal to the world the latest news. Recently, that is what the ramsambaaya says. Most of these unpleasantness was due to the “social engineering” technique, or the technique used to mislead by the identification of ordinary human behavior.

If you download a song for free from downloading, you will see ten buttons that command to “click” on the websites. So if an advertiser or hacker enters into you to entice you into the wrong one, this is the beginning of a misery. But if you want to get this information stolen, you’ll want to know about https and SSL. If you look at the message for a moment and see the navigation belt in our web site URL in your browser’s URL, it will be a green password. This article is on the back of the screen.

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What is SSL?

These three letters read the Secure Sockets Layer.

It enables a secure encrypted connection between the two sites on the Internet. Later on, SSL / TLS, as well as a part of TLS Transport Layer Security, were developed, but only used SSL for use and pronunciation.

Usually, when we log in to most websites, the protocol used is http (HyperText Transfer Protocol). If you want to use Sinhala, you can say that there is an over-archive protocol. Here, two sites on the Internet – you and the server – share information in the same way. This makes it possible for a third party to access this connection in the same way. For example, if you talk in Sinhala with someone, you can secretly hear someone else in the Sinhala language.


The relationship of SSL itself contained a very different situation. There are two types of SSLs listed above. Security and encryption. Encryption helps us eliminate the problem that has arisen in the previous example. It would be difficult for a third party to understand it if it was communicated in a different way so that it could only be understood by the two, If you want to say “ROAR” by holding the “2” decryption key, then simply forwarding the two letters forwarding as the TQCT, the coding key knows only the one you and the other, because the person in the middle of the room can not figure it out.

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How do you know when the site you visit when you visit the site you want to visit? I simply feel that I can see the domain right. That’s not good at phishing. This system, which misleads users using the seemingly intuitive domain, is now stealthily using the Unicode domain.

If you want to go to facebook, you need to go to facebook.com. But, for example, if facebok.com is typed or has a link from another site, the domain belongs to a hacker, and the Facebook Home page displays a type of webpage, and you can save your existing Facebook username and password and log in to your account There is a possibility. Currently, facebok.com is a domain name that has been taken over by Facebook. But it’s not the only one with the greatest internet on the Internet.

In such cases, a third party needs to know whether you are contacting someone. Let’s face it. When you are a bank collecting cashier, one comes to collect money from an account. But how can this person make it easy for him to make sure he owns the account? If you go to the person’s house and check on the address, and go around to identify those who are close to him and find out the history, you will not be able to do any other work in the bank. Therefore, if a reliable ID card such as the government is available, it can be easily verified and issued money. There are institutions for issuing certificate levels at various levels for SSL.

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SSL is now available for free

To help us improve our understanding of SSL, even the small websites that have login, we can also help protect your users’ data and help us to maintain cryptographic communications, together with the Mozilla Foundation, the Linux Foundation, Google, Facebook, Cisco and many others. Encrypt free SSL certificates by anyone can be used in 2016 Introduced.

Let’s Encrypt – https://letsencrypt.org/

Albert Company also shows the websites with SSL over other results in their Google search.

How to believe the certificate?

So if everyone in this way can freely, SSL can do this in this way, we again encounter a problem with confidence in the websites. There, the rating system for certificates is important.

Normally, we see what we are seeing in a site with a certificate of minimum rank, the word “https” in green, in front of the domain, the word “Secure” with the unicode. This means that it is simply not possible for a third party to send the data sent to this website. But if you visit a site or go to a website like GoDaddy, its name may be used instead of “Secure” instead. This means that it is a certificate of responsibility that is properly verified and issued by the website owner.

To continue testing, if you want to view all the data in the certificate, you can open the Developer Tools Chrome or Firebok Unlock FireFox Browsers and click on the “Security” tab. But the browser always keeps the test for you, so you do not have to be as afraid of the past as it is intelligent enough to prevent your breathing out.

What are your experience with SSL? Are there phishing cases that you’ve saved or saves from the ninety-five? We also appreciate your comment.

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