The details you need to know today about information technology in Sri Lanka

Today, job information can be said to be the industry’s most abundant sector. It can be said that there are 10,000 to 15,000 job opportunities in Sri Lanka for the year to come up with new syllables and new avionics. How can the future of tomorrow’s IT day be in the future? Knowledge of Information and Communication Technology is one of the most important issues in the industry Yatanayak the E Soft (Esoft), Managing Director and Chairman of the International Recognition of Dr. Dayan Rajapakse us today “with the have seen.

Where are the information technologies in Sri Lanka today?

Information technology is a well-open section for job opportunities, a talk about the wage, a moderate wage from a top-level salary scale. If we look at knowledge and racism, we have not come to the highest point. But today, today, today, there is rapid advancement. In the future the Sri Lankan territory will climb its peak.

Because of the space for jobs, what is the concern of parents to bring the children to this field? Is it not affecting the children?

no way. The pressure on the child is when the child turns something negative. Therefore, it is important for children to be trained and recognized. Today, this sector has become a huge asset to its wallet. There are many job opportunities.

Recently you held a convocation. There are many other institutions that provide information technology education every year. What kind of jobs have been opened to those who are living from all these sectors?
We held this year’s graduation ceremony for the fifth time. Graduates of more than one post graduate and more than 500 graduates received their degrees. These degrees are offered from recognized UK institutions. A number of higher education students graduated with a degree in business management, information technology, computer networking and software engineering and engineering.

The graduates get directions for their own purposes. The pay can be very different if compared to those employed in Sri Lanka except for those overseas. However, there are many areas where you can go to a very good salary layer without being overseas. If you work with a job and make a door to a retired car, it will not be so attractive. But in the IT sector, when you are 30 years of age, you can fill these motives. This freedom in Sri Lanka, the environment, the environment and all that earned, the amount earning in the land and the foreign earnings, can be the same.

Most Sri Lankans do not have computer skills. But what kind of adherence should they adopt when they are bringing them to this field?

Parents should think about entering the computer field. True, children know the distance they can go. Even so, parents can not have knowledge about this field. It’s not a problem. The parents have a lot of attention to care and proper handling of the child.

If the child is mindful of anything else that is not intended for his purpose, it is imperative that parents pay attention to it. This should be done solely for information technology, not only for information technology but also for higher education in any sector. We do not have to worry about the fact that we do not have this knowledge in our children.

Q. In what way are jobs generated?

There are two ways of creating jobs. Today IT, software, hardware, computer networks is a separate industry. This industry is gaining ground. There is no end. By now, new companies will be discussed during the next two years. In comparison, if one company gets 20 jobs, it will open 20 jobs.

If we talk about the other sector, the computer division of any institution of any state or private sector is expanded. This makes the service faster. The need to modernize these areas is high. Information has come to an end in all aspects of medicine, commerce and administrative sectors. But there are vacancies for 10,000 jobs per year.
This is the IT Division which has the highest potential for job creation.

Although the employment sector is so overwhelming, the demand for it is increasing, the question to today’s society is not this technology, but one person at a time in the tab or in the phone, in the lap, has moved away from the aesthetics of man?

The computer and the mobile phone are two. Addiction to the phone can be a disadvantage for younger generations to reach their goals. But the mobile phone can try to make software that needs it. This field has the space to search for new ones. Anyone can not do anything at any one time in any field. Today there are many who have studied up to post graduate degrees in this sector.

Post graduate students have increased to 50% after graduation. It’s too trendy in other areas. Therefore, there is a great deal of distance to those who have a purpose. We are doing the path of opening up that path.

Which is the extent to which the division should be expanded in Sri Lanka?

If you take all the software in the line-up, it’s all in Colombo. There may be a limited number of cities in the city. But it should not be confined. Today, this has become a need to spread throughout the country. This is where the market comes from technology. That’s why I can even embellish the software for it. We can think about how this can be promoted through social media and media.
The task of software is not limited to Colombo and the city. It can be done from anywhere in the country. Today’s Internet facilities are right. Therefore, there is scope for creating new products, projects, designs and institutions in the industry from any corner of the island. It only needs the goal and the goal.

We should only focus on Q software. Can not the hardware industry be upgraded?
Based on the raw material, it will not be able to afford in the manufacturing process. So most people do not pay attention to the hardware sector. But if a gadget is made, not a computer, it consists of a mixture of software and hardware.

There we have the concept Iot. Because of this technology, his work is very complicated. It’s planned. So we do not have to create a product. It can be used to produce extra services for the production of the product. If there are any specific features, it can win the market. It is important to think about goals, thoughts, and goals. It is our duty to fulfill this Sri Lankan society. We are interested in this sector but we have introduced the ‘Leap’ concept for the talented team. In other words, it’s called ‘Learn Earn And Pay’.

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