Google Pixel Buds with time-consuming language translation assistance

Many people in the world today have the ability to express themselves in English, the most widely used international language, regardless of their mother tongue. Even so, it does not mean that the language barrier is completely won. We often meet foreigners as well as Sri Lankans who do not know English or any other common language. To tackle such language issues, it was not so much for people today that they liked the design of tools that were instantly translated into languages. However, the interpreter can not carry out the simultaneous translation work, or a successful mobile device or headset device has not come to the market yet, and Google has been focusing on it. They create the wireless Pixel Buds, a brand new wireless headphone kit.

Of course, this Google Pixel Buds device, which has some kind of translucent language translation services that are actually found in science fiction, is more important for travelers to other countries. Also, the most appealing feature is that both communication operators are not required to wear a Google Pixel Buds device to use it. That is, you have the only Google Pixel Buds device in your hand, but you can also build up communication with both of them without problem.

The Google Pixel Buds Headphones, which can be operated with a conventional wireless headunit, is connected to each other with a single cable. Now connect to your smartphone through the Bluetooth connection and allow you to make phone calls and make phone calls. In addition, you can also listen to music in your smartphone when you are engaged in any work.

However, the unique ability of this headphones device is none of this. Imagine that you come to know only Japanese. You do not know Japanese. All you have to do is slack your right eyeglobe headphones and just say “Help me speak Japanese.” This headphone-sensitive headphones will then start listening to everything you hear and all of the things that you say will be time-consuming Speaking in Japanese can be heard through the speaker of the smartphone. Now, what you say is clear to the other person who only knows the Japanese language, and the other person Google Pixel Buds headphones when the microphone began to speak out in Japan by the content will begin to grasp. Now it an instruction to English language translation  you have your ears will hear.

In the absence of any other sound, you have to understand that this translation work can be done with no time, but under practical circumstances, you can not expect that efficiency. However, translating translations from Google’s Pixel Buds to a virtual street, however, will make unreasonable difficulty.

This Google Pixel Buds Headphones was first introduced to the market, and it was supported on 40 languages. And if there are two people working in Google Pixel Buds headphones, both are very attractive and you are not interested in starting a language translation. Language translation will automatically occur.

In addition, you can activate the Google Assistant facility for a long time in the Google Pixel Buds Headphone device, requesting certain information you need to know as well as calling for phone calls as well as requesting your favorite songs can be. This will not require you to take your smartphone out of the palm. Although the Google Pixel Buds handsfree device still does not know the Sinhala language, we can expect that Google Pixel Buds will get support for the future in the future.

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