Double-locker Ransomware for Android Devices


This is Ransomer’s name Double-locker Ransomware. It’s working on this name. Android Device Locks twice. This is rumored to be the newest Ransomeware. But like the Wanncry, this is not a file encrypt. Instead, this is to switch the PIN number of the screen lock.

This Double-locker Ransomeware comes with the first harmful Ransomware released to Android. Also, online banking and Android phones are causing some people to …

“Given its banking malware roots, DoubleLocker may well be turned into what could be called ransom-bankers,” said Lukáš Štefanko, the malware researcher at ESET.

Lucas Stephanko, one of ESET’s Malware Researcher, says that when considering the troubled Ransomware, DoubleLocker can be considered as ransom-bankers.

Also, in the future, Double-locker may not only demand money extortion, but also a bank account that logs in to the account and PayPal account, and may demand a seizure of the Device to be reinserted. Researchers believe the Ransomware software is capable of updating bank information, except for cash. This was the first time in May this year (2017) seen as an Adobe Flash update on bogus web sites.

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