We too can work in Sinhala now due to GBoard !!

The GBoard will come in May 2016. These iPhone users can use their own keyboard to apply information such as GIF, emojis, etc. Just think for a moment that you’re telling a friend about a place to eat. But if a friend does not know where you are, then you have to search through this GBoard to share information.

By December 2016, Google will offer Android users with GBoard. Imagine a moment when you ask a friend to search for a friend in the emojis on the keyboard. I do not have to suffer so much now. Just do it with the GBoard and just search the monkey keyword. You can get everything you need.

Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Try to make our work easier. In the attempts of Google, this GBoard really helps us a lot more. The iOS app update, which comes to light in 2016, offers French, German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish languages, as well as Smart GIF suggestions. As of the 2017 update that came in April 2017, GBoard will be enabled for more than 30 languages. These include 30 Sinhala, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu languages.

Google Play can easily get this one for people who want to get their phone ready. You have to type G letter and then just search for what you want. With the recently feature feature, we can expect more and more new things to come. And I will join you again.

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