Amazon Kindle Oasis even though it’s faded in a flood of water


Most of today’s current fears that the books we are looking at today are the ones to be fully captured by digital devices by the future. But it’s not possible to say that smartphones and tabs have become devices for everyone’s life. Also, e-book readers are also becoming an average consumer device and it can also help to somehow improve the book-reading habit.
In Sri Lanka, a relatively handful of e-book readers are still relatively in use, and it can be assumed that almost all Amazon’s Kindle devices are used. This is one of the reasons why Amazon Kindle e-book readers are affordable, as well as their finishing and especially accessibility.

About Amazon Kindle Oasis E-book Reader

Amazon, however, reminds us all the time that Amazon Kindle devices are not always profitable. More precisely, they say they have affordable, standard e-book readers, as well as high-end eBooks, which have higher-end capabilities and finishes, they remind customers that their high-level e-book readers It’s a good market. One noteworthy feature was the new Amazon Kindle Oasis E-book Reader last year.

This made it a tremendous, easy-to-use QIDDK device, which was even more readily grasped, with a distinctly sophisticated look. It was 0.13 ft. Thin and 4.7 oz. Why are we talking about the Amazon Kindle Oasis device now? That’s because Amazon has released the latest version of Kindle Oasis for the year. This is an Amazon Kindler that resists water and moisture.

Source: BBC

How can you benefit from this high-performance Amazon Kindle with the IPX8 certification that is not damaged by water? In fact, there will be no further hurdles for outdoor reading of a book through a device via a device. Even when you are at rest in the bathroom, it’s easy to use.
The new Kindle Oasis version comes with a larger, 7 inch screen, with a resolution of 300ppi. In other words, reading a book through this book will be much more familiar with the readership of a true piece of paper. Also, there is no flicker at this screen, so it will be easy to read, even in direct, direct sunlight.

The Kindle Oasis device, which was released last year, is also lightweight, slimly finished, and is wrapped around the wide margin so that it can hold on to the bottom. Also, if you are on the left or right, the side of the wide margin can be read to you in a convenient way, so the display will change the screen accordingly. In addition to this version of the Kindle Oasis edition, Amazon has received more LED lights.

The Kindle Oasis is not just a rearside plastic panel like the original member of the device, but it has the most rigid aluminum back panel. It also shows that the capacity of the battery is even higher when it comes to the new version. You will be able to use this one for about six weeks. Also, here, as with the original design, there are two buttons on the broader edges to overlap the pages, and no need to touch the touch screen if needed. In addition, the updated Amazon Kindle will also introduce you to a number of new features and facilities. To download email books to your books and to download the dictionary with the help of the smartphone.

In addition, you have a new feature that allows you to listen to the AudioBook. As a result, the memory has been increased to 8GB, and you can also buy a 32GB version. However, you do not have a 3.5mm jack for connecting a headphone for reading a AudioBook, and instead of using this Bluetooth enabled device, you may hear a bluetooth loudspeaker or bluetooth headset and turn on the audio book.

According to the Amazon website, this new Kindle Oasis edition will cost just under 38,000. One feels that while an e-book reader has to spend a lot of money, we feel that the money is not in vain, with the latest features and finishes offered.

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